I, Robot 2 in theatres in 2015

I Robot 2 Movie 2015 It seems that there will be an I, Robot 2 movie in 2015. First movie I, Robot who cast Will Smith was a great success and now is expected that the second movie I, Robot 2 to be a success too. At this time we don't have to many details about this second movie, we don't know is there will be an sequel or prequel. More we can say about an I, Robot sequel.

About Robots and the idea coming from the first movie is bring one question: Is it an evolution or a revolution? Imagine a world where robots runs bikes and conducts symphonies. In the year 2035, robots and high technology are part of everyday life and people blindly trust in them. One man is exceptional - Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith). The robots, called "automatic domestic assistants", do housework, walking the dog, do the couriers and even nannies. Every family has at least one, if not more. But if, suddenly, our confidence is shaken, it automatically?

The first movie takes place in a period of great social and technological changes, the number of robots in the U.S. is about to triple. With the launch of the latest model developed by the giant U.S. company Robotics - domestic workers automate type NS-5 - the proportion will reach one robot to every five people. NS-5 is the first robot designed to do everything from cooking and babysitting tax statements. Mass distribution of this type of robot will make the U.S. Robotics most powerful company on earth.

I, Robot 2 will have an release date set in 2015 and we promise that I, Robot 2 trailer will be here as soon as possible, until then let's see the first movie trailer:

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